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This smaller sized ( 25 oz) coned diamond copper Vesla is the perfect size to put in lunch boxes and back packs for bigger children or adults who want a compact version.  Less water means less weight and less chances to get dented... as well as better fit in smaller spaces and ease for traveling. Your kid or you will always have a fresh and clean Water bottle.  Clean tarnish off inside as needed (usually 1-3 weeks).  Other than that, regular cleaning is not necessary.  Store and drink water only.


  • Minimum of 99% pure copper
  • Food grade lacquer (exterior only)
  • silicone ring
  • ZERO plastic


Fits perfectly in standard cup holders!

Capacity: 32 oz Weight: 3/4 lb

Height: 10 1/2 in Width: 2 7/8 in


  • leak proof
  • minimal and simple design
  • light weight (3/4 lb empty)
  • 100% sustainable
  • ZERO plastic

Science Behind It

  • antimicrobial
  • balances/raises PH and alkalinity for better taste and health
  • copper infused water is a good and safe source of dietary copper which is important for wellbeing

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Preserving Health, Time, and Environment

Here's Why People Love Our Bottles...

100% Leak Proof

Our Vesla Copper Water Bottle is fully leak proof so you don't have to worry about spilling

Eco Friendly

Sustainably made, our Vesla Copper Water Bottle is safe for the environment.

Health Benefits

Being made from a more than 99% copper, Vesla Copper Bottles support safe consumption of water with lots of health benefits.

Supports Everyone's Health & Wellness

A Bottle That Can Keep Up With You & Your Health

  • Naturally Antimicrobial to Ensure Safe Consumption
  • 99% Copper for Maximum Health Benefits
  • Sustainable to Ensure Environmental Care
  • Self Sterilizing so You Don't Need to Wash Everyday
  • Balances the Alkalinity & PH of Water to Ensure Health
  • 100% Safe to Drink From!

Did You Know?

Drinking Water From a Copper Bottle Has MANY Health Benefits?

Aids in Collagen and Elastin Formation and Other Structural Proteins

Aids in Cognitive Function

Aids in Cardiovascular Health

Aids in Proper Thyroid Function

Aids in Energy Function

Aids in the Absorption of Key Minerals, Including Iron

Here's why

We're Different:

Vesla bottles are made with a minimum of 99% pure Copper- making them safe, effective & beautiful. They are antimicrobial, keeping your water fresh & clean without washing. Our bottles are hand crafted by artisans in Northern India, making each bottle subtly unique with small imperfections- adding to both character & charm.

All of our bottles are leak proof & come with an additional silicone seal in case the original one is ever compromised. Vesla bottles are made to last for many years, or even generations, if taken care of.

The exteriors of our bottles are finished with a food grade lacquer which will preserve the luster for years. If the finish is scratched or damaged from drops over time, it may achieve an antiqued look. Alternatively, you can take the lacquer off and let the exterior of the bottle patina naturally by scrubbing it with lemon and salt until all of the finish is off.

We Stand Out

What Makes Vesla Different?

We believe you'll love your Vesla bottle so much that you'll never look back once you get it. That's why we offer 100% of your money back if you're not satisfied.


How do I clean my bottle?

Although daily cleaning is not needed or recommended, you may want to occasionally clean the inside of your bottle to remove patina/tarnish or other residues. Cleaning instructions are listed on the packaging and can be done in 1or 2 minutes with lemon juice and salt or citric acid and hot water.

What kind of finish is on the bottle?

We use a food grade lacquer on the exterior of the bottle and no finish on the inside of the bottle.

What is the ring made of that creates the seal of the lid?


There are black/green spots on the inside of my bottle…

Since the inside of the bottle is pure copper, a patina (tarnish) may develop over time and can be easily removed using the cleaning methods listed above.

What if my lid becomes hard to twist on and off?

A small amount of coconut oil or any edible oil can be applied to the threads on the lid to lubricate. 

Is the bottle leak proof? What happens if it starts to leak?

Our bottles our 100% leak proof. An extra silicone ring is provided with each purchased if you ever need to swap it out.

Does this bottle keep water cold and or hot?

It is NOT recommended that you put hot water or beverages in your bottle because the copper will instantly become the temperature of the liquid and may result in a burn. Hot water increases the rate in which copper infuses into your water and repeated use in this way may result in too much copper consumption. Room temperature water or luke warm water is better of your body.

Can I put beverages/liquids other than water in my Vesla water bottle?

We recommend only putting water in your Vesla water bottle. Citrus, teas, vinegars, fermented beverages, alcohol, etc. can react differently with copper and may not be safe for consumption. Acidic liquids can react to copper.

Do these bottles fit in cup holders?

Yes, they fit in most cup holders.

Does the water taste like copper?

The copper taste is very subtle or not noticeable at all.

How does this bottle stay clean?

Copper is antimicrobial because of the oligodynamic effect. Trace amounts of copper infuse into the water and ionize it- neutralizing viruses, bacteria, and fungal threats in the process.

Is it dishwasher safe?

No. However you do not need to wash it until significant oxidation (tarnish has built up on the inside). This can take 1-3 months.

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