How Vesla Copper Bottles Came to Be...

I was working long hours and my family and I were traveling a lot- I quickly noticed that my water bottle could use a wash after just a day of using and refilling it. Knowing that water bottles have the highest bacteria count of almost anything we regularly consume, my wife and I found ourselves washing several water bottles everyday for our family…and we wanted to find an alternative.

The first thing I noticed with my pure Copper water bottle was that leftover water (after a full day's use AND without me washing it) tasted fresh the next morning! Copper is antimicrobial, so letting water sit overnight allowed it to neutralize bacteria, virus, fungi, etc. while also balancing the alkalinity of the water! This fresh, slightly alkaline, water tasted amazing. I was absolutely hooked & wanted to learn more.

Copper is a vital nutrient, so drinking copper infused water is the perfect way to supplement that. My wife & I were dedicated to our nutrition, so we were familiar with supplement usage to optimize our health. Although caring lots about our health, we didn’t know that Zinc and Copper actually compete in our bodies, and that people who supplement Zinc regularly may also benefit from Copper supplementation.

Copper is absolutely essential for cognitive function, collagen formation, the formation of red blood cells, maintaining nerve cells and bone strength, proper thyroid function, distribution of melanin, and overall skin, hair & nail health.

Copper deficiency is a huge issue that is often times overlooked- it's especailly seen among women of child bearing years. My wife was pregnant with our third little girl when we learned that her iron & red blood cell counts were low. Once my wife began supplementing copper through multi vitamins & and Copper water bottle usage, we found her levels had significantly improved in both Iron and red blood cell counts.

Ayurvedic medicine is translated to the science of life. It is part of the Vedic texts, and originated in northern India thousands of years ago. Ayurveda has proclaimed that the sacred practice of "Tamra Jal'' revitalizes water and will help balance the three doshas (energies that circulate and govern physiology). It is also said to aid in speeding up the metabolism, breakdown of fat cells, protects against sun damage, detoxifies the stomach, etc. 

I had been recovering from a devastating hip injury and believed that my Tamra Jal practice was an important element (pun intended) of my recovery. This and the vibrant & sophisticated energy of pure copper inspired us to bring copper water bottles to the market here in America where so many people are out of balance and in need of healing. I was amazed at how Tamra Jal could help preserve people's time and health. 

Not only are my wife & I passionate about our health, but we are also passionate about preserving and caring for our environment. It turns out that Copper is actually one of, if not the most, sustainable material in our planet's history! 80% of the copper that has ever been mined in our brief history is still in use or available for use today. Copper can be recycled and repurposed over and over again without losing any of its characteristics which help it achieve remarkable performance and functionality. The value of Copper, from its tremendous utility and slight scarcity, creates an automatic mechanism to ensure it gets recycled.

We concluded from our own experience, all of our research, and the overwhelming positive feedback we had gotten so far, that people of our modern society would benefit greatly from the magic of Tamra Jal and Copper Bottles. Vesla Copper was then born!

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