Did you know Copper has many health benefits?


Copper Bottles are a Great Way to Supplement Copper

Being that Copper is a vital nutrient, ensuring that you are getting enough in your diet is important. A great way to boost cooper is drinking Copper infused water. Copper infused water is ionized, so it is much more bioavailable then many other forms. Storing water over night and consuming the next morning is a great way to do this. This is the practice known in Ayurveda (the science of life) as Tamra Jal.

New studies show Copper deficiency, and mineral deficiency in general, being a much more serious problem than we thought before. Soils are depleted, food is lacking in nutrition, and diseases are leading to more mineral deficiency. Copper is the most depleted mineral from our soils. 100 years ago we got 4-6 mg of copper in our diets. Today we are getting on average .6mg!!! Copper is absolutely essential in many bodily processes, which is why it's so important to ensure safe and regular consumption!

Health Benefits of Copper

Aids in collagen formation and other structural proteins

Aids in Cognitive Function

Aids in Cardiovascular Health

Aids in Proper Thyroid Function

Aids in Energy Function

Aids in the delivery & Absorption of Key Minerals, Including Iron

How Copper Plays a Role in Your Body's Consumption of Everyday Necessities

New studies are helping us to better understand the role that Copper plays in our body by accessing different vitamins & minerals. Scientists believe we have been looking at Copper toxicity too much & Copper deficiency too little...it's way more prevalent than we were lead to believe!

(image:  Trace Elements Labs Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine). 

Why Does This Matter?

Did you know, if you're supplementing zinc it can actually block copper and increase or cause copper deficiency? Did you know that you need retinol (real vitamin A) to metabolize Copper?

Now that scientists have a better understanding of the complex relationship Copper has with vitamins & minerals in our body, studies are suggesting that Copper deficiency is more complex and prevalent than we previously thought- and we need to ensure we are safely consuming enough copper to make up for it!

Did you know?

Copper Deficiency is More Common than you Think

According to an article published in Cambridge University Press' Journal of Nutritional Science in Oct. 2022, which cited 80 different peer reviewed studies and 9000 cases, a large number of people with common diseases have abnormally low Copper levels and/or compromised metabolic pathways (which are dependent on Copper).

Dr James Dinicolantonio said this "We published several papers on the importance of copper and how copper deficiency can lead to numerous issues including elevated blood lipids, insulin resistance, anemia, poor collagen health etc. The optimal intake of dietary copper seems to be around 2.6 mg/d whereas most people only consume half of that." He also talks in his book The Mineral Fix about how they got the RDA (.9mg) wrong due to not accounting for the fact that we also loose copper in our sweat.

Drinking from Copper water bottles may help keep your body on track when it comes to your copper levels- helping you stay healthy!


Safe for Everyone

Copper infused water can aid in overall health & wellness of each individual. Studies have shown that copper infused water provides copper supplementation well within the recommended daily amount set by governing organizations such as the WHO. This ensures that, in combination with other dietary sources of copper, consumers will not be getting too much copper in their water. As long as you're using pure Copper & following the simple guidelines, it's even safe for pregnant women & children!

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