Wash Less, Smile More

Say goodbye to the never ending cycle of washing your water bottles

Wash Less, Smile More

Sick of Washing Your Water Bottle?

Save yourself the hassle (and the water bill) by having a reusable water bottle that is self sterilizing and naturally antimicrobial. This allows you to use your bottle every day without having to clean it every night! Perfect for parents that are constantly washing their family's bottles or for anyone on the go!

Copper and Water Go Hand in Hand

Hydration is the most important aspect to your overall health. Copper is also absolutely essential in countless vital bodily functions.

Aids in Collagen Formation

Aids in Cognitive Function

Aids in Cardiovascular Health

Aids in Proper Thyroid Function

Aids in Energy Function

Aids in the circulation and absorption of Key Minerals, Including Iron

Improving The Way You Drink

How Our Bottles Help

Our bottles are designed with 99% Copper to ensure maximum health benefits & safe consumption. Copper also helps water's Alkalinity & pH to become balanced- which is better for you and taste better. Because Copper is such a recyclable material, it's sustainable, making it great for our environment. It's also eco-friendly because it's self steralizing- you don't need to wash it everyday!

Here's Why

We're Different:

Vesla bottles are made with a minimum of 99% pure Copper- making them safe, effective & beautiful. They are antimicrobial, keeping your water fresh & clean without washing. Our bottles are hand crafted by artisans in Northern India, making each bottle subtly unique with small imperfections- adding to both character & charm.

All of our bottles are leak proof & come with an additional silicone seal in case the original one is ever compromised. Vesla bottles are made to last for many years, or even generations, if taken care of.

The exteriors of our bottles are finished with a food grade lacquer which will preserve the luster for years. If the finish is scratched or damaged from drops over time, it may achieve an antiqued look. Alternatively, you can take the lacquer off and let the exterior of the bottle patina naturally by scrubbing it with lemon and salt until all of the finish is off.

Efficiency in Design

100% Leak Proof

The silicone seal doesn't allow any liquid to pass through once closed to give the ultimate on-the-go experience. An extra silicone ring is provided with each purchase to ensure maximum life for your bottle.

Here's Why People Love Our Bottles...

100% Leak Proof

Our Vesla Copper Water Bottle is fully leak proof so you don't have to worry about spilling.

Eco Friendly

Sustainably made, our Vesla Copper Water Bottle is safe for the environment.

Health Benefits

Being made from 99% copper, our Vesla Copper Bottles support safe consumption of water with lots of health benefits.

Benefits For Both You And Your Environment

Using a Vesla water bottle will preserve your time, health, and the environment. They also have a minimal, chic, and beautiful design to bring a unique & vibrant energy to your day. Water has memory...and your water will be happier in a Vesla copper bottle. Happier water hydrates much better!

Designed With Inclusivity in Mind

Safe for Everyone

Copper is an all-natural & safe element- our bottles were designed to use it for countless important bodily functions. Created with 99% copper, our bottles are for everyone- including women going through pregnancy & children of all ages.

Studies have shown that Copper bottle usage is safe and It aids in overall health & wellness of each individual by limiting potentially harmful microbial consumption. As long as you're using pure Copper & following the simple guidelines, you can be sure you're getting a safe amount of copper supplementation!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We know you'll love your Vesla Copper Bottle just as much as we do, but if you aren't completely satisfied, you have 30 days to ship the used or unused bottle back to us for a FULL refund of purchase price.


How do you clean the bottles?

Although daily cleaning is not needed or recommended, you may want to occasionally clean the inside of your bottle to remove patina/tarnish or other residues. Cleaning instructions are listed on the packaging and can be done in 1 or 2 minutes with lemon juice & salt or citric acid with hot water.

Is the bottle leak proof? What happens if it starts to leak?

Our bottles our 100% leak proof. If a leak occurs over time with use, simply replace the silicone ring with the extra ring provided.

Can I put hot liquids in this bottle?

It is NOT recommended that you put hot water or beverages in your bottle because the copper will instantly become the temperature of the liquid and may result in a burn. Hot water increases the rate in which copper infuses into your water and repeated use in this way may result in too much copper consumption. Room temperature water or luke warm water is better of your body.

Can I put beverages/liquids other than water in my Vesla water bottle?

We recommend only putting water in your Vesla water bottle. Citrus, teas, vinegars, fermented beverages, alcohol, etc. can react differently with copper and may not be safe for consumption.

Do these bottles fit into cup holders?

Yes, they fit into most cup holders.

How long does shipping take?

For US orders, shipping typically takes 3-5 business days.

Does the water taste like copper?

The copper taste is very subtle or not noticeable at all.

Is this bottle dishwasher safe?

No. However, you do not need to wash it until significant oxidation (tarnish has built up on the inside). This can take 1-3 weeks.